Some smallness coming from land 

Single channel video, ProRes422, 1920×1080, 24 fps, Stereo sound, 25’ 15”, 2015

This work is a story inspired by Aristotle’s theory of hibernation and metamorphosis of birds, a theory so outlandish that it would be hard to believe today. Aristotle’s theory might be laughed out of the room today. However, it might be also said that every time humans have tried to unravel nature, they have created myths and stories, in a sense, by fallacy. Hayama attempted to decipher Aristotle’s prediction that birds either go underground or transform themselves into other creatures in winter by visualizing it as a story. 
– Snow began to fall and flags fluttered to the earth in the blowing wind. The quail, which had been walking on the earth, dived into the underworld and transformed itself into a human being. At the same time, the quail was part of water flowing through the earth and part of the vegetation. While everything is melting together in the underworld, it was still snowing on the ground. Smoke rose from the factories and fluttering flags continued to assert the presence of those who owned the land.