Simulation of impossible

2017 – 2018, sound, 2.5 min
Issued by LEVE (ES)

The real birdcall (Red crossbill) slowed down to 20% was transcripted in Japanese. Rei Hayama sang and recorded it herself. When it was played in the woods of León, Spain in proper speed, real birds answered.

A score for Simulation of Impossible (English translation)

With the love and tiredness of grandmothers!
IH-NE, II-NE?, II-NE?, II-NE?, II-NE?, IH – (nice, nice? nice? nice? nice? nice)
II-YO. II-YO. II-YO. II-YO. (sure. sure. sure. sure.)

A small human waiting for the swing
II-YO. II-NE?, II-YO. II-YO. (sure. sure? sure. sure.)
II-YO. II-NA, II-NA (sure. jealous. jealous.)

Eliza who is practicing in pronunciation such a late night
OH -. OH -. OH -!, OOH -!
OH -. OH -. WO -. OH – U. OH – U. (OH- is meaningless but just a sound.)

I feel profound sympathy for you, even if I con not see you
N -, N-N, N -, N -, N -, N -,
N -, N -, N -, N -, N -, N – N – (N- is meaningless but just a sound.)

An existence-confirming by the piano and the pot between rooms partitioned through a room.
I-LU-NO ~?, I-LU-YO~, I-LU-YO~ (Are you there? I’m here. I’m here.)
I-LUN-DA-LO-?, I-LUN-DA-YO-U, I-LU-DA-YO-U, I-LU-NO- (You are there, aren’t you? I’m here. I’m here. I’m here.)
I-LUN-DE-SHO-?, I-LUTTE-BAH-, I-LU-NO-? (You are there, aren’t you? I said I’m here. Are you there?)
I-LUN-DA-LOW?, I-TA-DA-LOW?, I-TA-DA-LOW, I-LUN-DA-YOH- (You are there, aren’t you? You were there, weren’t
you? I was possibly be there. I am here.)

To be frightened, jumping well to the left and right … and… avoid the frog!
OH-, OH-, OH-, OH~! (OH- is meaningless but just a sound.)

The mother has left, and from far the children are… for a while
I-LU-DA-LOW?, YA-DA-YOH-U(Are you there? I don’t like that)

To knowing the seriousness through the repetition
A-TO-DE~?, A-TO-DE~ (Later? Later.)
A-TO-DE~?, A-TO-DE~ (May be later? Later.)
A-TO-DE?, A-TO-DE? A-TO-DE~ (Later? Later? Later.)
A-TO-DE~?, A-TO-DE~ (Later? Later.)

To go forest by oneself
IH-NE, IH-NE, FU, AH-YO-KATTA-NE (Nice, Nice, Fu, Ah That’s nice)

The red devil was not laugh in the depth of its heart
KO-LE-KA-NA?, KO-LE-KA-NA?, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA (Is it this? Is it this? HA HA HA HA HA HA HA)
WHO-, HA HA HA HA HA HA HA, AH-, AH-, AH-, AH-, AH- (WHO-, HA HA HA and AH- is meaningless but just a

The tree falling down, the butterfly chasing after
WHO-WHO-WHO-WHO-WHO-WHO-WHO-WHO-, UH-SOH- (WHO- is meaningless but just a sound. OH-SOH-
means “It’s a lie”)