Single channel video (Shot by 16 mm film), ProRes422, 1920×1080, 29.97 fps, Stereo Sound, 15’23”, 2012

This work is based on video footage of fixed-point observations taken over a six-month period to investigate the ecology of the goshawk, an endangered species of raptor in Japan. The original video footage documents goshawks nesting and raising their young.
As indicated by the emblem in the title of this work, Hayama noted that in the process of human abstraction of nature, humans fix images in such a way as to impose them unilaterally on the natural world.
Hayama interpreted the original footage of goshawks as “a complete documentary”, converted it to 16mm film, and then manually applied an excessive amount of physical and optical effects directly to the film, also added the images of tools used for nature observation were placed on the windowsill. In this way, Hayama attempted to expose the complexity of the human condition as it moves back and forth between the biological attitude of nature observation and dreamy and Freak show-like aspects of nature observation

At the end of the film, the image becomes larger and the light spreads outside the screen, brightening the entire space. The viewer’s situation shifts from “looking at the screen” to “looking at the act of looking.