A child goes burying dead insects

8mm film (Single-8), 1 Channel, 11’07, Stereo sound, 2009

The ‘Single-8’ is a film standard developed by Japanese photography company Fujifilm in 1960. (Width: 8 mm, polyester) Single-8 was widely used as a general home-movie, recording media for enterprises and used by many independent filmmakers. After reached its peak in 70’s, the film was giving way to the video. There were some movements for the continuance of Single-8 by people in the film industry and cultured person when Fujifilm announced the end of its developing service in 2008 subsequently to the end of sales of Single-8 in 2007. The film A Child Goes Burying Dead Insects (2008-2009) was made in this struggle. The film was completed in 2009, it is still missing the magnetic body for sound recording on film. Repeated sequence of “a child buries dead insects, and she’s running away,” was duplicated directly by hand. This film is only one thing, copy does not exist.