Single channel, ProRes422, 1998×1080, 24fps, Stereo sound, 13’31” , 2017

1/8 uses a montage technique to connect several different images and scenes, and is based on the Greek myth “The Fall of Icarus. The number in the title of this video piece refers to human vision compared to hawk vision. (Comparing the number of photoreceptor cells in the eyes of a human and a hawk, a hawk has about eight times as many photoreceptor cells as a human.)

At the beginning of the piece, we see a man who appears to be aiming a waterfowl with a rifle. In fact, the rifle-like object is the first ever cinema camera designed by Etienne-Jules Marey. This is followed by an image of a bird, a tiny, almost invisible black dot, flying much higher than the ground, a vulture from Kevin Carter’s famous photograph “The vulture and the little girl,” a bird of prey behind a zoo cage, a bird of prey high in the sky, just like the bird A montage of small-looking airplanes, images of the earth taken from the Apollo spacecraft, and other objects fuel the viewer’s sense of gradually ascending higher and higher. But suddenly the fall starts, and fall to the sea. It ends among the bleached and dead coral reefs