Poet: Jan Kleefstra
Sound: Romke Kleefstra, Anne Chris Bakker

The film inspired by the landscape of Friesland, the north part of Netherlands. The flatness of horizon, the history of fought with water suggests us a sense of "Wall" between human and nature. In other word, it is the relationship between modernity and natural environment. Is it really possible to communicate in mutual by merely our own language and imagination? The attempt to catch a glimpse of natural world in modernized human world is somehow becomes a microscopic way of gaze, and there we may find a pin hole that connects to nature, whilst the landscape itself is extremely extensive.
This film was made for an art project Klanklanskippen in Friesland, The Netherlands in November 2015, as a collaboration work with Japanese and Friesian Artists. At the first screening and other several screening, this film was screened with live sound performance by musician Romke Kleefstra, Anne Chris Bakker and Jan Kleefstra's beautiful poetry reading in Friesian language.


詩:Jan Kleefstra
音楽: Romke Kleefstra, Anne Chris Bakker

この映画は2015年にフリースランドで行われた日本人とフリジアンのアーティストによる共同制作企画「Klanklanskippen」のために制作されました。最初の上映とその後何回かの上映では、フィルムには特定のサウンドトラックはなく、上映の都度、オランダの音楽家Romke KleefstraとAnne Chris Bakkerの演奏に加え、詩人Jan Kleefstraによるフリースランド語の詩が朗読されました。

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