Inaudible footsteps

Inaudible Footsteps is an unusual structural film constructed purely out of re-photographed color plates from historical photo-books. Hayama shot stills of these plates using 35mm film and then hand-processed the resulting negatives, before digitizing them and assembling them into a film using her computer. Hypnotically recurring images of ancient forests, mountain vistas, and flocks of sheep are set against the repeated sound of herd animals galloping across the empty landscape. As this sequence of images repeats itself at varying tempos, the viewer’s natural wish for resolution is continually thwarted by the abrupt termination and recurrence of the loop. This structural lacunae is mirrored visually by Hayama’s decision to “puncture” the surface of her imagery with a sphere-shaped aperture of colored light. As Hayama has stated, the film never allows us to reach our destination -- being “on the way to somewhere” becomes the story of the film itself.


馬たち、羊たちの足音と共に、わたしは森へ向かって走ります。 しかし森は物語が始まる前に、わたしを元の場所に帰してしまうので、光が朝焼けから夕焼けへ移り変わる間に、わたしが森にたどり着く事はありません。 徐々に、目的地である森が消えてしまうと、そこには無目的な足音だけが残され、「何処かへ向かう途中にいる」という事自体がこの映画の物語となります。始めから終わりまで常に絵の中心に置かれた光は、その役割を変化させながら、途切れる物語のしっぽを伸ばします。